Clinical, radiographical and histological evaluation of alveolar ridge preservation with an autogenous tooth derived particulate graft
   Densitometric analysis of the autogenous demineralized dentin matrix on the dental socket wound heal
   Analysis of the Inorganic Component of Autogenous Tooth Bone Graft Material
   Healing mechanism and clinical application of autogenous tooth bone graft material
   Triple O Development of a novel bone grafting material using autogenous teeth
   Clinical application of auto-tooth bone graft material
   Mineralization of Bones and Teeth
   Autogenous Demineralized Dentin Matrix for Tissue Engineering Applications Radiographic and Histomorphometric Studies
   Evaluation of Osteoconductive and Osteogenic Potential of a Dentin-Based Bone Substitute Usinga Calvarial Defect Model
   Homogenous Demineralized Dentin Matrix for Application in Cranioplasty of Rabbits with Alloxan-Induced Diabetes: Histomorphometric Analysis
   Bone Induction by Demineralized Dentin Matrix in Nude Mouse Muscles
   Human Dentin as Novel Biomaterial for Bone Regeneration